Today, insurance is no longer strange to everyone because of the benefits it brings to users including the prevention of risks. The financial market is an investment channel that brings a lot of profit but still contains many risks because the volatility depends on micro and macro factors.

CEO of Nami Foundation - Mr. Giap Van Dai with more than 10 years of experience in the crypto market has seen that users need to take measures to protect against unexpected events. From here, thinking about a product called Insurance began to take shape, after going through many ups and downs, a tool to turn risks in trading activities into profitable opportunities was born.

The appearance of Nami Insurance is a testament to the continuous research and innovation of the development team in Vietnam.

Nami Insurance is a decentralized hedging protocol applying Blockchain technology to provide a solution to support asset insurance when the market fluctuates against predictions.

With Nami Insurance, users are free to choose the type of property and get a suggestion with the right insurance payout to open a contract, there are more than 120+ properties listed. In particular, Nami Insurance also cover the value of Loss for Spot assets and Futures positions through the Calculator tool.

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