Nami insurance

How to buy Nami Insurance?

Then select the asset to be insured and the corresponding expectation (Bull or Bear).
Step 2: At this time, Nami Insurance system will suggest to users a term insurance contract and the best payment level with specific parameters such as: Q-Cover, P-Claim, Period, Margin.
Step 3: Select "Confirm"
Step 3: Select “Sign” on Metamask:
  • When the user decrease the margin ratio, the payout ratio (R-Claim) will increase but the P-Expire is lower
  • When increasing the insurance period, the user will reduce the risk of liquidation due to the policy expiration, but vice versa, the payout ratio (R-Claim) will be lower.
  • To keep the same rate and margin value, users can adjust the Q-Cover higher
  • Percentage on the chart showing the distance at a specific price (P-Claim, P-Refund, P-Expire) to the market price
  • The % value at P-Expire on the chart
    represents the distance from P-Expire to P-Market