Nami insurance

How to check insurance history?

Step 2: Check the information fields on Personal Stats based on Filter time, including Total Payback, Total Margin, PnL
User can then check the Available Contract and Contract History
Available Contract interface
Contract History interface
Users can view personal statistics and filter by 30/60/90-day periods.
At the View details screen of each insurance contract, users can check the following information:
  • The chart shows the data of the respective price
  • When the user selects the code displayed on each contract, the system will redirect to BSC Scan for the user to check the details of his Insurance Contract
  • When needing support, users can send HashID to Nami's Customer Support department
  • Users can Buy back the selected insurance contract
At the interface showing the insurance contract on BSC Scan, users can check the following information:
  • Transaction Hash
  • Status
  • Timestamp
  • From
  • Token Transferred