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How to deposit and withdraw coins/tokens

How to deposit coins into wallet

To deposit coins, you just need to click on the “Account” section as shown to copy the wallet address and send coins or tokens to this wallet address.
Note: Coins/Tokens belonging to any Blockchain should be sent to that Blockchain wallet!

How to add tokens into wallet

After you have successfully deposited a coin/token but the wallet still does not show the balance of that coin/token, you need to perform the following steps:
Step 1: Select Import Token.
Step 2: Enter the information of the token the user has just added and select "Add custom token", in this example, it is illustrated to add ETH into the BEP20 wallet on the BSC network

How to transfer coins from wallet to exchange

Step 1: Select the token you want to transfer and click the Send button.
Step 2: Enter the wallet address on the exchange you want to transfer the token to.
Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens you want to transfer and click “Next”.
Step 4: Adjust the appropriate fee and confirm the transaction to send the token.
Note: The higher the fee, the faster the transaction.