Nami insurance


  1. 1.
    I can't connect to the platform
Make sure you choose the correct BNB Smart Chain Mainnet (BEP 20)
In the interface of Metamask:
  • Make sure to unlock and select the Ethereum network
  • Make sure contract data is allowed on Ethereum app settings.
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    I can't buy an insurance contract
  • Users need to make sure they have enough BNB in their account to use as fees
  • The minimum of $1.50 in the wallet is required to open a contract
  • Adjust P-Claim not to exceed the recommended level
  • Adjust Q-Cover does not exceed the recommended level
  • Adjustment of the period does not exceed the proposed level
  1. 3.
    Not receiving payment when the contract reaches P-Claim or stops before the period
Case 1: Failure to activate the notification of eligibility for insurance payments. (P-Market price touches P-Claim)
Case 2: After activating the insurance payout, the status has changed from Waiting to pay to Paid but not receiving money.
Case 3: Stopping the contract early but not receiving the margin refund
When encountering the above cases, users can take the following steps to be resolved
Step 1: Users directly message the online support
Step 2: State the problem you encounter for assistance to solve
Step 3: After being resolved, users can check at https://bscscan.com/
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    Website not loading
Try switching to another browser to see if the problem is coming from your current browser
  • Clear cache and cookie data for the site
  • Refresh the web page by pressing F5 (or cmd(ctrl) + R)
  • Uninstall and reinstall the browser
  • Check the network connected to the access device
  • If the website still doesn't load after performing the above steps, you should change your browser or another device to access it
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    I need online support
  • In the lower right corner there will be an online support icon
  • You can exchange directly without connecting your Wallet
  • Supporting languages will include Vietnamese and English